Name Status Time Signups Type
UraidLAN start Upcoming Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm N/A Ceremony
Fri Dinner Upcoming Friday 6:30pm to 7pm Open Food & Drink
Sat Breakfast Upcoming Saturday 10am to 10:30am N/A Food & Drink
AoM Teams Upcoming Saturday 2pm to 3pm Open 2 signups Tournament
Borderlands 2 - Infinite Lobby - Lvl1 Characters vs The Warrior (final boss) Upcoming Saturday 5:30pm to 6:30pm Open 2 signups Big Game
Sat Dinner Upcoming Saturday 7pm to 7:30pm Open 1 signup Food & Drink
JackBox Party Pack Upcoming Saturday 8pm to 9pm Open 2 signups Projector
KSP - Mun Race! Upcoming Saturday 10pm to 11pm Open Tournament
Sun Breakfast Upcoming Sunday 10am to 10:30am N/A 1 signup Food & Drink
UraidLAN Closes Upcoming Sunday 6pm to 6:30pm N/A Ceremony